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Capturing the feel of the Product by Professional Product Photographer


The demands of Product Photography in on the rise with the emergence of ecommerce, although product photography as a genre has always been widely popular in the field of advertising needed for catalogues, print and web. We at Studio AK execute outstanding results in Product Photography in India serving in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Tirupur and Coimbatore. 


We create images that work for you


Studio AK provides a range of packshot photography in cities all over India. We create images that can be used for web catalogues and also high resolution images needed for printed catalogues. We have all the need technical knowledge to create an absolutely perfect image of your product, understanding and appreciating product design. We realize that the important aspect of product photography is to be able to convey the subtlety of materials used and texture of the particular product. Particular attention is paid to lighting and technical aspects of professional product photography providing you with images of your products that you may cherish


Sure to increase sales


The flawless execution of professional product photography by ace photographer Aroun kesavaraj is sure to increase your sales and aid customer purchases. He brings to product photography in India- the right mix of professionalism i.e. high quality equipment, lighting and much trained eye and the entire necessary professional attitude to the shoot. His creative creation of realistic and eye-catching images of your products will definitely boost up your sales


We believe that quality is our winning weapon. However complex the task may be at hand, we are sure to deliver high quality images in specified time period. Our services include close-up and macro photography also.


Our specialized service lies in Jewel Photography catering to the ever-growing jewelers industry in India. We create exquisite images of jewels, highlighting its luster and shine with the use of the correct lighting system needed for such a shoot. Providing services in jewellery photography including gold and diamond photography in Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata along with serving smaller cities like Coimbatore, Tirupur, and part of Kerala. Studio AK is the one point destination adhering to your entire jewel and other product photography needs leaving you content and satisfied

Capturing the feel of the Product

Highly proficient in the field of Product Photography in India, Studio AK is serving its clients with the creation of the most beautifully composed; aesthetically design product photography images that will surely make your customers fall for the products- thus making the most of your images. Our exclusive photo shoot of the products provide the audience with a detailed overview of the actual look and feel of the product- thus fulfilling the main objective of a product shoot